Using Smartphones For More than Instagram

Using Smartphones For More than Instagram

People on average spend nearly 3-to-5 hours of their day on their phones. Today’s smartphones are not only one of the coolest pieces of technology ever invented, it legitimately could be one of the most useful devices any person could use for business; if they are willing to use it that way. Today, we will establish what smartphones are mostly used for and how to readjust your smartphone usage to be your most productive. 

Breaking Down Mobile Device Management

With so many companies forced to transition to remote technology, it’s no wonder that many questions regarding the use of mobile technology—particularly laptops and smartphones—have risen to the surface. This is especially the case for data sharing between devices and privacy. Let’s take a look at the mobile device’s role in the remote workplace, as well as how many companies have chosen to ensure that they are not putting their data on the line with them.

Does a Cheap Smartphone Make Sense for You?

There’s no denying that marketing is a big deal for smartphone manufacturers. They spend a lion’s share of their money pushing one or two devices on the public, when they build many more that sell as well or better. The thing is, not everyone has $1,000-to-$2,000 to drop on a cellphone every couple of years. To wrap up our look at the smartphone market, we thought we’d introduce you to some phones that won’t bust your budget and that can still provide users some value. 

New Smartphones with New (or Older) Shapes

Last week we explored the flagship smartphones that are on the market right now. Today, we wanted to look at some different devices. These devices carry the price tag of a flagship (or cost more), but don’t necessarily have the specs that you would expect from devices priced in that area. They explore new form factors, or in some cases, older form factors. Let’s briefly discuss four innovative new devices.