Streaming is a Major Part of Modern Life—Here’s How It Works

Streaming is a Major Part of Modern Life—Here’s How It Works

There’s no getting away from streaming nowadays—if you’re not binging something on Netflix/Hulu/HBOmax (etc, etc), you’re listening to your favorite song on your music platform of choice. This is largely due to the rising popularity of the “as-a-service” strategy that cloud services enable nowadays. Let’s take a closer look at streaming, and why it is now so ubiquitous.

Help Fix Internet Inequality by Installing the FCC’s New App

With the transition of broadband Internet from a helpful convenience to a prescient need for modern life and business, it is staggering to consider that access to this resource is not equally distributed. While the U.S. Federal Communications Commission intends to change this, they need data to help them gauge the true scope of the problem. To do so, the FCC is pulling out an application that they first released years ago: FCC Speed Test.

What’s Going on With the Internet?

The Internet was always envisioned to be a network capable of sharing information across the globe—hence, the term “world wide web.” However, many online services are currently at odds with governing bodies, many business tactics and decisions impacted or even prohibited as a result. Let’s examine some of these tactics, and how the Internet has been impacted.

How to Work with Web-Based Images, Part 2: Resizing

It wasn’t long ago that we shared a post that described the most common formats used to share image media online or via your email. The idea is to make sure the images you generate are contained in the smallest amount of space possible (or a smaller file size) to make them quick and easy to share and download—the trick is to do it without sacrificing any image quality. Let’s go over how to do just this while using the most common image editing program out there: Adobe Photoshop (although the same process should work for just about any application you use).

Considering the Status of Net Neutrality in 2021

It has been made very clear over the past few years—last week in particular—that the political atmosphere in the United States is particularly prickly, to put it mildly. One contested subject has, however, flown under the radar in recent months: net neutrality. Let’s reexamine the situation surrounding net neutrality and what is likely to come about with the new administration.