What You Need to Know About the Command Prompt

What You Need to Know About the Command Prompt

Have you ever accidentally seen a black box with a blinking cursor and a bunch of nonsense populate on the screen? This is the command prompt, and it can be a useful tool for IT administrators to handle certain tasks or situations, although you might not necessarily use it much yourself. Still, it’s an interesting function of your operating system, so we wanted to discuss it a bit with today’s blog.

A Rant About Why It’s Important to Lock Your Computer

When it comes to network security, there is a lot that can go wrong for your business and countless solutions that you can implement to combat them. However, there are small practices that you can implement on a daily basis to improve security as a whole, so if your collective staff can implement this one easy trick, you might be surprised by how beneficial it can be for your network’s security. This practice? Locking your computer.

The ABCs of Windows-Key Shortcuts

The Windows OS is chock-full of capabilities, with many of these given an associated keyboard shortcut for added convenience. Of course, having these capabilities is one thing, but remembering so many is quite a different story. For your reference, we’ve put together a list of the shortcuts associated with the letter keys, with a few extras as a bonus. Take note of any that you might have particular use for.

Solid State is a Solid Choice for Your PC’s Main Hard Drive

If you are buying a new desktop or laptop, one of the specifications you might care about is how much data it can store. After all, your family computer needs plenty of storage for your photos and documents, and if you have kids, they’ll want to install games and other applications on it that fill up a hard drive. These days, however, it’s less about how much space your hard drive has and more about how fast it can run. Let’s explain this, and then talk about something you should almost always look for when picking a hard drive for your PC.