Build a More Productive Business with Technology

Build a More Productive Business with Technology

Productivity is the measure of how your business operates. Without a certain standard of it, any business will stagnate or fail. The overall productivity of your business comes down to a combined effort of the tools you deploy and your employees’ ability to maximize individual productivity. This week, we will take a look at how the emergence of technology built specifically for your business directly correlates to higher degrees of productivity.

Get the Right Communications Tools to Move Your Business Forward

Get the Right Communications Tools to Move Your Business Forward

At the end of the day, the tools you provide for your employees are going to make or break their productivity, so why not look at your employees, not as end users, but also customers? By examining the way that industry trends impact the decisions of consumers, you can implement more effective communication solutions that will allow your employees to flourish in the workplace.

Tip of the Week: Using Google Drive to Collaborate

At this point, the term “collaboration” has fully transitioned from an intriguing operational ideal, to an overhyped buzzword, to a legitimately essential consideration for any modern business to embrace. As such, it makes sense that there are so many collaboration-geared applications available today, with so many options to pursue this collaboration baked into each. Let’s consider the many, many collaborative capabilities that are available in Google Drive—a tool that is used by many businesses today.

How Can the Zoombombing Issue be Solved?

Conferencing has played a crucial role for businesses, and never more than in the past year. Unfortunately, this has presented the opportunity for trolls to join in these remote collaboration efforts, interrupting them with inflammatory and vulgar content. Labelled “Zoombombing”, these attacks have led to the implementation of numerous privacy protections and countermeasures… but the question remains: how effectively do these protections defend a business’ efforts? As a study has revealed, not effectively enough.

3 Apps That Are the New Face of Collaboration

Collaboration is central to most business’ production strategies nowadays. It’s no secret that businesses are doing more with less and in order to coordinate resources that are stretched thin, companies are looking to collaborative software titles. Today, we will briefly go through three of the most popular collaboration apps to give you an idea of what they can bring to your business. 

What Your Team Needs in Order to Collaborate

Collaboration is widely accepted as a “must-have” in the current, connected business environment… at least, for any organization that wants to remain competitive. Let’s take a few moments and consider what needs to be present for any collaborative efforts to be successful, and the skills you should work to develop in your team members to enhance their capacity for cooperation.

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