5 Ways to Improve Your Technology Troubleshooting

5 Ways to Improve Your Technology Troubleshooting

When you suffer from a technical difficulty, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it is handled in a timely fashion, whether it is reporting the issue to IT or taking care of it yourself. The process of troubleshooting, however, can save you from waiting around while IT tinkers with your device’s settings. Let’s examine the five stages of troubleshooting and how you might try them yourself.

Take a Step Back to View Your Business’ IT Realistically

Take a Step Back to View Your Business’ IT Realistically

When you get excited to implement a new technology solution for your business, it is easy to let the expectation blind you as to the true value you get from it right out of the box. It’s no fault of your own; it’s human to have expectations that exceed reality. In business, though, it is important that you keep these misconceptions in mind, especially when it comes to your technology systems and implementing them.

Break Your Break/Fix Cycle

There are generally two approaches to technology maintenance. One of them addresses issues as they appear, and the other involves addressing possible issues before they become operational problems. How does your business go about technology maintenance? If it’s the first, also known as “break-fix” IT, then you are going about things the wrong way and leaving a ton of savings on the table.

Murphy’s Law Makes It Easy to See the Value of Managed Services

No one likes to imagine the worst-case scenario, but as a responsible business owner, you have no choice but to see the bad before the good. After all, the investments that you make in the future of your organization mean nothing if you have no power to preserve it in the event of unfortunate circumstances. Due to the nature of technology, it is an ideal place to start thinking about preventative and proactive measures to keep your future secure.

Using Windows Hello to Add Security

Authentication is a tricky thing for businesses. While people want to be secure, they also want to make that security as convenient as possible. Developments involving solutions like Windows Hello, a biometrics authentication system used by Microsoft, have been pushing this trend forward. Let’s take a look at Windows Hello and see what kinds of authentication features it brings to the table.

Making Solid Technology Decisions will Help You Build the Business You Want

Technology is one of those parts of your operational infrastructure that plays a massive role, even if you don’t realize it. In fact, you’ve been using all of the standard fare for business technology, such as computers, server units, and networking components for quite some time. All technology must eventually be replaced though, so it’s critical that your company has an established approach to make this happen in the most seamless and least stressful way possible.