The Easy-to-Deploy ChromeOS Flex Might Be Right for Your Business

When you have been in business a long time, you start to accumulate old and outdated technology. Maybe you still have desktops running outdated operating systems that are sitting around in storage, waiting for their time to shine when an unexpected hardware failure strikes, or perhaps you have old laptops that have outlived their usefulness. A new operating system from Google, ChromeOS Flex, might be the lifeline these devices need to be relevant again.

What is ChromeOS Flex?

ChromeOS Flex is a new operating system launched this past summer by Google. It’s based on the operating system which powers Chromebooks, which any user of a Chromebook can identify as a browser-based operating system. Chromebooks are generally known for being bare-bones in their capabilities, as they only sport a web browser thereby limiting them to cloud-based apps, but sometimes this is all businesses need to go about their day-to-day operations. It’s an effective way of turning an old, useless device into something useful.

What Is So Special About It?

The biggest draw to ChromeOS Flex is how easy it is to deploy, as well as the price point. ChromeOS Flex is free to download and install on any older device; all you need is a USB drive or a network to deploy the operating system from.

ChromeOS Flex is easy to control on the administrative side of the house, too. It’s governed by the Google Admin console through Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, a dashboard you can use to control your deployments of ChromeOS Flex. If you choose to invest in this option, you’ll need to pay $6 per month per user.

On the security side, ChromeOS Flex is remarkably secure. Since most malware targets more common operating systems like macOS and Windows, ChromeOS Flex has a far smaller threat surface to account for.

Since ChromeOS Flex is essentially a web browser, it’s something that your employees already know how to use, making it an effective way to improve your outdated devices without adding a difficult learning curve for new technology solutions. Combined with its ease of installation and operating speed, you can expect to see marked productivity improvements by using ChromeOS Flex.

Can ChromeOS Flex Work for You?

Is ChromeOS Flex right for your organization? That entirely depends on the solutions your organization relies on to be productive throughout the workday. If your company largely relies on cloud-based Software-as-a-Service offerings, then perhaps ChromeOS Flex can be a viable option. However, if your organization relies on Windows, Mac, or other desktop app-exclusive software, then ChromeOS Flex probably won’t work out for your organization.

We recommend that you give Nexela a call at (215) 525-3223 to determine whether this operating system is appropriate for your business’ needs and operations. If nothing else, it sure beats running old and outdated, potentially even dangerous operating systems. To learn more about ChromeOS Flex and other technology solutions on the market, contact us today.

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