Questions to Consider Before Shifting to the Cloud

The cloud can be a tricky beast to tame for your business, and it is mostly because of all the options you have at your fingertips to help your organization be as successful as possible with it. Let’s discuss some of the questions you need to ask to ensure you get the best value out of your cloud-based solutions.

How Flexible Do You Want to Be?

A successful business is a growing business, and your infrastructure’s needs will change over time. You need to ask yourself how much flexibility you think you’ll need from your cloud solution, including how scalable the services are and how easy it is to add new users or features.

How Much Control Do You Need?

Your level of control will vary depending on the type of cloud you implement, so think about this question now rather than later. The public cloud gives your business access to a shared server with more dynamic features generally reserved for those who want to pay more, whereas a private cloud is hosted by your organization and provides much more control over security features, data access, and so on.

How Responsible Do You Want to Be for Your Infrastructure?

A cloud solution will require a certain level of management, maintenance, and general upkeep from your staff, and if you don’t have people on-hand with this type of knowledge or experience, your cloud management needs will change. Do you want to have hands-on experience with your cloud, or would you prefer to remain hands-off and allow someone else to steer the ship?

Can Your Staff Handle Managing a Cloud Infrastructure?

If your employees aren’t trained on how to use or maintain a cloud infrastructure, it can quickly become a problem that holds your business back from the levels of success you want to see. If you don’t think your staff are prepared to handle hosting a cloud environment, then you can instead outsource this responsibility to Nexela. We are trained, tried, and true technology professionals that can help your business thrive through the implementation of technology solutions. You’ll never have to worry about managing your technology again; you can go about your day-to-day responsibilities knowing that we are there to back you up.

Let Us Answer Your Cloud Questions

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