Ransomware is On an Unfortunate Trajectory

Ransomware is a real problem; I mean, a real problem. Not only does it create serious problems for any organization that is victimized by it, it is about to be a completely pervasive problem for everyone. It is extremely important for your organization to take the threat of ransomware seriously by implementing a strategy to keep it from being an issue. Today, we offer a three-pronged approach to doing just that.

Your Email is a Ticking Time Bomb if Not Managed Properly

It’s easy to think of email as something that just works. You open up Outlook or log into Gmail and your mail is there. Most people aren’t even aware of the vast, complex set of systems required for email to even work—and we don’t blame you. It’s extremely complicated. That being said, if nobody is actively managing your email, providing protection for the underlying technology, and making sure that it was and remains configured properly, it’s possible that your email could be working fine while opening you up for unseen threats.

4 Modern Cybersecurity Tricks That Could Definitely Slip By Your Defenses

Cybercriminals aren’t looking to play fair against businesses. They don’t care how big or small you are, they don’t care about what services you provide, or what good you offer for the community. You could be a children’s hospital or a single mother selling homemade mittens out of your dining room, you could be a school, an assisted living facility, or a Fortune 500. Either way, your organization is an equally viable target for cybercriminals.

Some Developing Technologies Have Caused Significant Discourse

Technology is constantly evolving and shaping the way we do business. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, these advancements have the potential to revolutionize industries and drive success. However, not all technologies are met with open arms. In fact, some technologies are met with controversy and skepticism. In this article, we will explore some of the most controversial business technologies and the impact they have on the market.

How the Future of Data Backup Looks for Business

How the Future of Data Backup Looks for Business

Technological innovation can be exciting, but one topic that is decidedly unsexy with technology is data backup—at least, from an excitement point of view. More businesses are demanding greater data security and redundancy, which is in turn forcing developers to innovate and create better products that can give consumers and enterprises what they need. Let’s look at three of the more interesting features of these up-and-coming data backup solutions.

What’s the Status of Right-to-Repair Laws?

What’s the Status of Right-to-Repair Laws?

Many years ago, the practice of repairing office equipment or household appliances that malfunctioned was a common and practical solution. However, over time, changes in business practices have largely eliminated this option. In recent years, the Right to Repair movement has emerged as a legitimate campaign aimed at advocating for legal protections to safeguard the rights of the modern tech-dependent public.