3 Ways Your Business Can Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, and with recent improvements to automated technology and machine learning, it should be clear that this technology is not going anywhere anytime soon. With proper implementation, artificial intelligence can help your business cut costs, improve operations, and mitigate unnecessary or repetitive tasks, all of which compounds to create a smoother and more manageable workload for your employees.

Ransomware Attack on Colonial Pipeline Leads to Gas Crisis in the American Southeast

Ransomware attacks are nothing new, but when was the last time they made headlines by instigating a gas crisis? A Russia-backed hacking collective called DarkSide targeted Colonial Pipeline, a company responsible for almost 45 percent of the fuel for the Southeastern United States, with a devastating ransomware attack. The attack led to a spike in fuel prices and spotty availability while also showing cracks in the nation’s energy infrastructure, and it has even sparked a renewed interest in cybersecurity.

Automation Presents Several Benefits (and Concerns) for Businesses and Employees Alike

With the advent of more advanced technology, many workers are understandably concerned about automation and the impact it could have on their jobs. Computers systems grow more advanced each and every year, leading to improvements in artificial intelligence that have unskilled workers in certain industries where automation is king. Let’s explore some of these concerns, including why some of them have merit while others may be a long way off yet.

The ABCs of Windows-Key Shortcuts

The Windows OS is chock-full of capabilities, with many of these given an associated keyboard shortcut for added convenience. Of course, having these capabilities is one thing, but remembering so many is quite a different story. For your reference, we’ve put together a list of the shortcuts associated with the letter keys, with a few extras as a bonus. Take note of any that you might have particular use for.

How to Make the Most of Your Business’ Communications, Here and Now

Business communications have seen some significant changes, particularly with recent events being what they have been. Instead of your team members having the opportunity to simply turn to one another in the office, there are now added hoops that they must jump through. Let’s go into how your internal and external communications should adjust to meet these changes.

Have You Found the Right Productivity Software?

Productivity software has one job: to help you maximize your productivity and do it while minimizing the time you spend on the work. It seems as if that’s pretty simple, especially since there are so many companies out there that create products that claim to do just that. Today, we thought we would unpack what you need out of your productivity software and take a look at some of the variables you should weigh when searching for a certain productivity app.

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