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All the Benefits of the Cloud, with None of the Risk

The cloud revolution is here. Many businesses are taking advantage of virtual, cloud-based data centers. The combination of on-demand services, scalability, security, and control is a powerful drive for businesses to migrate their services.

There's just one issue with internet-based cloud services - and that's what happens when the internet goes down. A failed router, damaged communications lines, or a denial of service attack can have a devastating impact on the IT services you and your customers rely on.

What if you could get the convenience of a cloud-based, virtual data center without the risk of communications failure? How about a solution that combines fast, responsive, safe infrastructure with a business-focused approach designed around value and quality?

Now you can. It's called Nexela Local Cloud.


How Nexela Local Cloud works

The concept behind Nexela Local Cloud is simplicity itself - providing powerful, effective, virtual cloud services and infrastructure without the vulnerability inherent in internet communications.
  • We provide and install local IT infrastructure in a location of your choice - on site, in a data center you own, or anywhere else you need.
  • We configure the infrastructure to act as an on-demand, virtual data center.
  • We migrate all of your data and apps to the new, virtual data center.
  • Your IT teams have complete access to the virtual data center and are able to spin up, alter, decommission, or otherwise manage cloud-based infrastructure.
  • The experience of using the data center is similar to AWS or Microsoft Azure.
  • You pay an affordable monthly fee, and that's it - there's no additional charge for management, maintenance, or repairs.
You get the best of both worlds - the flexible, on-demand nature of the cloud, and the reassurance of always-available, scalable, and responsive infrastructure. There's no up front or capital investment, you just pay a monthly fee depending on your usage.

How Nexela Local Cloud compares

Here's how Nexela compares with using Public Cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or a traditional, self-hosted, managed server solution.
Benefits Amazon AWS/Azure Managed Server Nexela Local Cloud
  Trade Capital Expense for Operational Expense
  Benefit from Economies of Scale
  Stop Guessing Capacity
  Automatic Discount as Price of Computing Decreases
  Hardware Issues Covered
  Guaranteed Recovery Time per SLA
  Independent from the Public Internet
  Support for Legacy Applications
  Better Application Performance for Local Users
  No Vendor Lock-in
  Failover to Backup Server in Minutes Optional
  Setup/Migration Price $$$ $$$ Free
  Monthly/Maintenance Price $$$ $$ $
Nexela Local Cloud is the solution your business needs. Contact us today to find out more.

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