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Network Installation, Network Support, IT Support & IT Consulting

That is right, we can handle it all! You will enjoy working with us because we enjoy our jobs! We fully support what we sell! Should a problem arise, we’ll be there to fix the issue or replace the component. We’re a phone call away for programming, training and questions.

Network Servers

Centralized storage model greatly simplifies management of data. Trying to trying control data in multiple user PCs can get increasing challenging as number of PCs increase. Some of the most essential benefits include ability to secure and control data in single location as well as single point of backup. File servers allow all employees to share data and printers that need to be shared among multiple employees while protecting it from unauthorized access.

  • Secure your data
  • Manage access permissions per user or per group of users
  • Share data among users
  • Build internal or internet web sites using SharePoint
  • Backup all company data at single location
  • Protect data from viruses and malware
  • Audit data usage and produce reports

Email Servers

Microsoft Exchange is an advanced email, collaboration & groupware server that integrates seamlessly into Windows and Outlook. Installing a mail server on your network gives you complete control of your email. If you need all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange, while not ready for an upfront investment, we have the solution for you. For small monthly reoccurring fee and no upfront investment we will support, maintain and backup as many user mailboxes as you need. Additional benefit of outsourced email is scalability. Did you business triple in size? No problem! We have enough power in our infrastructure to add as many mailboxes and storage as your business needs today without re-investing money into server hardware and licensing which can be costly. You will also be able to host your own email domain such as which significantly improves image of your company as opposed to using shared email systems such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. If you prefer to host email server at your office, we will be able to build it for you as well as show your users how to take advantage of Microsoft Exchange wealth of features and capabilities. Some of the things you will be able to accomplish with your own Exchange server:

  • Modify, Add, Delete users as needed
  • Create as many of email addresses as you need for the same user
  • Assign multiple email addresses to user accounts
  • Monitor, save and track email messages that come into or out of your office
  • Block email transmission to/from specific users or domains (Example: block all messages from addresses)
  • Impose your own limit on size of mailboxes or have no limit at all
  • Share calendar between multiple users, schedule and track appointments, and view availability of any uses based on their calendar. Instantly see if Joe Smith is available for meeting at specific time with few clicks

Data Backup and Restore

Can you afford to lose database of your customers, QuickBooks or inventory system? Many businesses rely heavily on their computer systems, but do not realize how fragile their data really is. Unfortunately hard drives your data is stored on will rarely offer early warnings of impending failure (although sometimes they start making odd sounds). Computers and server can be stolen, destroyed in fire and data can be deleted or modified by employee maliciously or accidently. Fortunately we can protect you from such loss by designing (and periodically testing) a backup strategy as robust as needed based on value of your data and retention policy of your business. In some industries it is required by law to retain data on paper or electronically for certain periods. Should disaster strike, we are always just one call away from getting your business up and running.

System Support and Network Maintenance

Whether you need support from time to time to help you add new workstation to your network or would like to outsource all maintenance including backups, antivirus updates and anything else that might arise to professionals, we can handle it all. Simple PC repair or Microsoft Exchange database restore, there is no job too small or too big for us. In addition to supporting you network when you need us, we can monitor your network remotely and react to problems proactively before users even notice the problem. Most of the time we can fix issues in minutes by simply logging into user computer or server remotely with secure helpdesk software so that you can avoid on-site visit expanse.

Data and telephone cabling Installations

We will get the job done to highest standards. We specialize in high quality network wiring installations that can support Voice over IP (VoIP). Many times network wiring problems are not easily detectable. We have right equipment and skill to certify every run so that your cabling infrastructure will serve you well. We are familiar with local codes. That means you will never run into problems with local county or city inspectors. Does your project require fiber optical cabling? We can handle that too. We have the right tools and knowledge.

Wireless Networking (802.11a/b/g)

70% of wireless networks in residential and Small Business sector are not secure as the result of unprofessional self installation. We can help you secure your wireless network to the highest security standard. Should you require a more sophisticated distributed WiFi network installation, we can do that too. We will perform a site survey prior to installation which is the only way to make sure every area that needs to be covered with good quality signal is in fact covered.

Virus and SPAM Protection and Removal

Nexela Inc can clean the spyware and remove the annoying viruses, spyware pop-ups slowing your computer down. It doesn’t matter what state your computer is in, even if it will not boot. In the very worst circumstances, if we cannot remove the virus and your PC cannot be effectively cleaned, we can save your data, reinstall operating system and restore your PC to its normal operating state. Once your PC is restored, we’ll help you install the most current and effective antivirus and antispyware tools available to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Network Security and Firewalls

Most network security incidents are avoided if professional security assessment is done and simple steps to secure your systems are taken. Network security is a very general term that encompasses many different areas including internet firewalls, user permissions intrusion detection/prevention systems as well as physical security of equipment and media where data is stored. Virtually there is no such thing unbreakable system. The goal of network security is to make penetration of the network not worth the effort. Let professional make this judgment for you and provide right recommendation as well as implement the policy.

Remote access VPN

Remote Access allows your traveling (road warriors) or home-based employees all of the convenience of being in the office while away! By encrypting the data coming to and from your network, and password protecting access to it, we can allow your employees safe and secure remote access to your confidential data from home or the road. A simple VPN logon that even the inexperienced user can perfect gives them remote access to any data, resources (fax machines, printers, phones or files on your network). You can even have a phone extension from your work phone system at home. Does your receptionist need to work from home this week or even permanently? No problem! She/he will be able to seamlessly perform all the normal duties from home including answering phone calls and transferring them to her boss in the office (or on the mobile phone) when needed. In the nut shell, if your employees do not require face to face interaction, they can be fully integrated into your office systems including telephone. You will save office space while provide great benefit to your employees.

Site-to-Site VPN

If your business has more than single location with multiple computer networks and phone systems that need to act as single system, we can make it happen securely and inexpensively. Days of emailing each other Word and Excel documents are over! The time when you needed to lease expansive point-to-point lines from telecom providers is long gone too. Now you can utilize internet connections to interconnect all your offices into a single meshed (communication any-to-any) network. This inter-office connection can greatly reduce your phone bill as with the compatible phone system you can send your interoffice calls over VPN for free! This method is called “toll bypass” and is especially effective if you have offices in other countries. All data transferred between your offices is encrypted to highest and most secure standard available. This encryption (3DES) is so secure that US government does not allow export of network equipment that supports 3DES to many countries. Can you guess why? Because no one, including US government, can intercept and decrypt date encrypted by 3DES.

If you require reliability of leased lines and still need more resiliencies, Site-to-Site VPN can be used as a backup in case your main leased T1 experiences outages. This solution is far less expensive than leased lines as internet connections are present in most offices and VPN terminating equipment is rather inexpensive one time investment.

WAN and LAN design

When you need a professionally designed network utilizing routing and switching technologies to its fullest potential, we are here to help you. We are certified by Cisco and Microsoft. No requirement is too complex for us. Whether you need to be connected to your internet provider via BGP or planning on migrating your Wide Area Network (WAN) from old frame relay to cutting edge MPLS network we have knowledge and experience to fully support this migration including equipment procurement, plan and execution. Need to backup your main network with full mesh site-to-site VPN? No problem, we can utilize any number of industry standard protocols (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP) to make this failover happen automatically and seamlessly within fractions of the second after primary link failure.

Hardware and Software Sales

We sell and in many cases stock vast majority of common software titles and hardware components. From PCs to laptops to memory or software packages, we promise you will not be disappointed by our price. We are value added resellers which means we can service what we sell if needed!

That is right, we can handle it all! You will enjoy working with us because we enjoy our jobs!
We fully support what we sell! Should a problem arise, we’ll be there to fix the issue or replace the component. We’re a phone call away for programming, training and questions.

Office IT infrastructure relocation

If your business is planning to relocate, expand or remodel you office as the result of growth, we are here to help. Nexela will help you manage and execute all aspects of office IT infrastructure relocation starting from planning, new site design and installation of voice and data network. Our vast experience and skill set will allow us to support you with every aspect of business office relocation. We will work with vendors, develop RFPs, provision WAN, internet and telecom circuits so that you can concentrate on continuing to run your business. We will make sure that the move occurs with minimal to no disruption to your business.