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    RELIABLE AND PROFESSIONAL NETWORK INSTALLATIONS Whether you need simple wiring or capacity planning for you branch office connectivity, we have an effective solution to meet your needs.
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What our clients are saying...

"Nexela installed our entire VOIP system, quickly and efficiently! Their team was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with."

- AAA Brothers Inc

Video Surveillance

Protect and monitor
your business
from anywhere.

You can now monitor and control your business from anywhere in the world! Imaging what that will do to the bottom line. We will design, install and support CCTV…

Computer Networks

Reliable and
network setup.

Computer Network is the foundation of most converged technologies used by modern business. Whether it is the surveillance system,
modern telephone system…

Telephone Systems

phone systems
and VoIP installs.

With increasing popularity and heavy adaption of VoIP (Voice Over IP), business telephone systems became more feature reach and affordable as ever before…

Cloud Video

Cloud based
storage and
live access

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